Make your favourite travelling companion feel special.

'The Teddy Bear Passport' - is here - The ultimate present you could ever get them!

Your teddy bear, dolly or favourite friend can now travel the world with his or her very own passport, just like you.

The sheer pleasure and delight on the face of your child and favourite companion when you give them this unique and wonderful present will live with you forever!

Now every holiday will be 'extra special'

Whether it is for your child's special friend, your own favourite companion or if you're a teddy bear collector, this is truly a unique gift.
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My dolly, Annabell really loves her Passport and she can't wait to take it on holiday with us and get it stamped. The only problem is my brother wants one for his Buzz too!
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Oscar is now the proud owner of a passport with his certificate, which is now framed and has pride of place by his side. Now all my other teddies want one too!
Does your child have a favourite teddy, dolly or toy they take everywhere - especially on holiday?
Why not make their holiday 'extra special' with a unique present?
The Teddy Bear Passport will be something they will cherish forever and will always be a great talking point.
If you're a collector of Teddy Bears, we know how much you love every last one, each with their own unique personality and little quirks.
The Teddy Bear Passport along with the Certificate of Authentication and flag stickers make the perfect addition to your collection.
A unique gift for a unique friend - you know they'll love it! Oh, and don't forget his or her friends - they love to travel too!

You simply add your own photograph of your favourite friend or both of you together and your ready to travel the world.
It really is your Passport to freedom!